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Premium Speciality Organic Coffee Beans from Nariño, Colombia.

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Café Loyola Kft focuses on the wholesale trade of premium organic specialty coffees from 84+ Cup score. 

We buy and sell Café Villa Loyola's and other local farm‘s premium and best coffee beans worldwide.

We offer premium raw green and roasted coffee beans directly from its origin, Nariño, Colombia.

Our coffees, including Café Villa Loyola winner of the Cup of Excellence in Oct 2008, are cultivated, harvested and processed under strict quality standards and in organic conditions. 

We, Café Loyola Kft., support the Society of Jesus and the Suyusama Fundation in Colombia to achieve their mission in the implementation of economic projects that generate income (Coffee, Rural Tourism, Sovereignty and Food Security and Financing), conservation projects and environmental protection (water heritage, community water management, and climate change).

Our Products


Roasted Coffee beans:

- Gourmet Miel (Honey)

Pulped and dried, on average, for 30 days. 

Stirred 7 times a day.

- Gourmet Oro (Gold)

• Sun dried, on average, 15 days.

Stirred 4 times a day.

- Gourmet Plata (Silver)

- Gourmet Natural

Raw Green Coffee Beans (in 70 kg)

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Contact Us to agree how the products you order will be delivered to you. 

Product Details

- Strictly sourced from Nariño, Colombia.  

- Roasted coffee beans 100% Arabica, famous for its richness, full-body and refined aroma.

- Grown by Finca Villa Loyola, using organic farming practices, and helping local farmers and their families to generate income.

- Strength: 3/5  

- Grind as recommended for your type of coffee machine  

- Store in a cool, dry place.  

- Final Sale items are non-refundable and cannot be returned. 

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Café Loyola Kft.

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